The Flowers of Friendship

by Tankorean

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released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Tankorean Atlanta, Georgia

Believe in yourself.
Try your best life.
I'm dead

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Track Name: Coastal toss
Can you see what goes on in your spine
Can you see what goes on in my mind
The mirror goes both ways
But seems I only see it sideways
I'm not the enemy you call me ( I'm not)
From growth into hope the cynics get buried in the earth
The mirror goes sideways
But now I see it both ways
Can you see what goes on in my mind
Can you touch the bottom of your spine
Track Name: Aka matches
that was all a lie! their are some in love that can't even taste it NOOOOOOO!
some of them look blank trans humanist conform their minds in full disguise Some of us never realize we were caught so young and hungry but love isn't always false or maybe it is just sometime.
...[snippet from a lecture by Hubert Dreyfus]
Track Name: Same place
All up in the land like where is the money
Flesh by flesh
Everybody running
Why can't we all just make it to the same place
Track Name: The elephants love (soft)
When the sand first met the snow
The snow was so mean I mean how could you be so cold
You're like the rest but
My love will last for you
My love will go on for you
It's as strong as a tusk
Never to quit on you
Like the idea of love
Track Name: Non-standard living
Pouring rain on us as we walked we talked ironically about the sun shinning in our dreams through the view our feelings molding each other blending all the while spinning on my head in our room I lied I cheated but didn't know life would turn out this way you accidentally did it too that was a flashback flying past that
On the way to Tokyo with you
On the way to anything is true
I'm loving only you
I'm loving only traveling you
What's your idea of freedom I can tell you're hurting now the sky is a cage the sea is infinite all we have to do are follow the monkey bars they carry you to whatever carries you then let it take you all the way out
On the way to Tokyo with you
On the way to anything is true
I'm loving only you
I'm loving only traveling you..
Track Name: Machine lynchings
*money money *green money
He's got master appeal in the kitchen I watch his hands then my eyes avert to those dickies pants best looking boy attractive man when I see him I cant think about anything but money
*word *love *fucked up *money
Don't tell me your hooking up last week you were breaking up but now your cutting up shed on the rug he's with him and she's with him too you sound like all the games two play