T e n n i s

by Tankorean

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released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Tankorean Atlanta, Georgia

Believe in yourself.
Try your best life.
I'm dead

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Track Name: Nighttime Residents
Can we become truly universal
You want to remain separate
Lust for beauty cries out alone
In solitude
Tangled inside the light
Deity of trans closes the hour out
Track Name: Rhizome
parasites attack the brain
grievances silhouette carried away
faith lies into you and I
gloves step inside the chest

interesting shouldn't be said in present with discovery

what is life without knowing
sentenced to that is death

I will free every species in a public cage
Track Name: Eggshell, My Other Life
Drowning without water
What makes it lift if mornings sick
I'm a loser
I like games where I lose
Look I'm lame
Whispers softly to self in the back
Closest to the exit but knows the trapped mind
Bathing in laughter
Knowing sadness makes living worth
Drowning in water
Sashay shante sashay shante
Fuck the world for owning passé
Unappealing tones rush out of
The hotel in the center of my thoughts
is now vacant
Track Name: Centipede Dance
A draft carried a bug inside my house. What do you want? I asked the creature. It lifted it's leg and then it's body grew as large as mine. The expressionless creature walked upstairs to my library. I followed it after the sixth step, three seconds behind. When I got to the room it was sitting in my recliner holding a thick book about clouds. I then remember saying out loud, "I hadn't finished that one yet". The bug never once looked at me as it nodded. It caused only a few minutes of excitement for my life. Then it put it's leg down, shrunk and then got sucked out through my unevenly measured front door.